It’s been a while since I’ve made a post because, well you know …wedding stuff. Last Saturday the first of our family’s three weddings of this year took place. It was a beautiful Christ-centered covenant marriage between our youngest daughter and the love of her life. It, however, did have its share of “bumps in the road.” Feel free to laugh your way thru the rest of this post 😊

The trials began one week earlier as we tried to get a dear friend from Lima, Peru, onto a flight. First, the website wouldn’t allow her to print her boarding pass. **grab bag, rush to the airport to do manual check-in** Second, she gets to the desk and they do not want to accept her ticket because when making the reservations, it asked for her first and last name, which I eagerly entered. How was I to know that Peru uses two last names and they wanted the first last name and I had entered the second?? Confused yet? Thankfully, I had entered all four of her names on the reservation, so after getting a manager to assist them, they let her board the flight. Whewww….
Instructions were given for her to text me as soon as she arrived in Fort Lauderdale for her connecting flight…..*crickets*
Flight leaves Fort Lauderdale traveling to Atlanta. Surely, she will text me when she arrives here? *crickets*

45 minutes after her flight lands……..


Her phone decided to quit working in Peru, then she got lost in the Atlanta Airport, but all is well!

The week before the wedding was a whirlwind of activity. Multiple trips to the venue (the groom’s parent’s home) to drop off decorations, food, etc., butchering a hog, all the last minute details you have with any wedding.

A dear friend smoked the hog for us. He was here for 43 hours 😲 and it took 5 smokers to prepare all the meat, but it was the BEST meat I have EVER eaten! Thanks Daniel!

The day of……what a day! The groom’s brothers helped him hang over 200,000 lights in the backyard. It was gorgeous! This picture does NOT do it justice!


While the lights were beautiful, they kept tripping the breaker where our oldest daughter was trying to prepare the food! Ut oh! They ended up running extension cords from the neighbor’s house to keep the roasters up and running. Success!





Here are a couple of photos of the wedding party getting dressed. The ladies took over the living room of the groom’s home, while the guys dressed two houses down. Thanks Bob!

See all that sunshine coming thru the windows?

I love this picture of the groomsmen praying with and over the groom!

It’s almost time for the wedding to begin. Do you know what they say about Georgia weather? “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” Well…’s true. Despite all the sunshine, the forecast said we were going to get heavy rain.

The groomsmen jump into action and begin setting up tents. The bride and groom opted out of setting up the tarps over the whole area.




It’s time for the wedding to begin. The clouds are rolling in and rumblings from distant thunder can be heard, but the bride and groom are oblivious to all of it.

The ceremony takes place with only a few large drops of rain. Want to see what was all around us?

The venue is the blue dot in the center. This was taken during the ceremony. God was merciful to us!

We did receive rain during the reception…a lot of rain, but the kids had a blast “dancing in the rain”. Everyone took shelter anywhere they could find a place and it turned out to be the perfect evening. We are SO thankful!

Father/daughter dance…tears were flowing.



What a precious time!

I apologize for the length of this post, but wanted to share our joy with you all. We will resume normal programming shortly 😂

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