Living in the south, snow is something we seldom see. When it does snow it’s usually a dusting to maybe 1-2 inches, and that’s considered a lot. This past week all the weather forecasters were saying we were probably going to get a light dusting. Even with that forecast, people flogged to the grocery store to get milk and bread. What?? Are they going to put it in a glass and eat it? Whatever…it happens EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! It’s become the “southern joke”. This year it was probably a good thing they did. 
The schools decided not to cancel classes because of the forecast given. I can’t say that I blame them. Last year, they predicted the same and schools cancelled classes before it arrived. All we got was rain and parents were very upset. It’s a no win situation 😒. I will say that in the south we are not prepared for snow as other areas of the country are. We don’t have snow plows or equipment to deal with bad roadways. All we have are salt trucks that do their best to cover overpasses and bridges and they do a good job of that. 
However, this year the forecasters TOTALLY missed the mark! Our forecast of a dusting to one inch of snow turned into 10 inches! Few were prepared for it! Because I do a lot of canning and preparing for emergencies, we had minimal inconvenience. Our power did go out for most of two days, but we had our wood-burning fireplace, our gas stove, foods that I had canned, and were NEVER cold or hungry! Our oldest daughter and her husband spent the night with us because they had no power or heat. I loved it because I can’t remember the last time they spent the night here! 
Here are a few pictures of the snow……beautiful!!










For those of you who are accustomed to the gorgeous sight of snow, I apologize. But for us, it’s such a rarity and makes me sing praises to our Creator! 

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