Spring is my favorite season. I just LOVE seeing all the flowers and trees beginning to bloom, getting the garden ready for planting, watching the birds and butterflies make their return. It’s just glorious!

I took a little stroll around the farmstead today and thought I would share a few of the sights I saw.

Daffodils are one of the first things to bloom around here.
If you are looking for a fast-growing shrub then Loropetalum might be the plant for you. We have these planted next to our back deck. We have to cut them back at least once a year but they have beautiful purple blooms and make quite the statement.
We free range our hens. You never know where you will find them. This beauty is a Wyandotte.
One of our best layers is an Isa Brown. Even through the snow and ice she and her sisters continued to lay.

The fragrance of this Jasmine is wonderful. However, it is very invasive and will take over an area if you aren’t careful. We’ve tried several times to remove this particular one but it keeps coming back.

Look! Blueberries! Not a lot of green yet, but it’s coming!

This is a holly plant we bought several years ago. I can’t remember the name of this particular type so if you know what it is called, please let me know. It grows like a tree rather than a bush.

Daddy Rabbit is not very happy. His sweetheart got out of the cage and disappeared.
Rosemary! One of my favorite herbs to cook with. This plant is over 6 foot tall. Soon it will be covered in blooms.
This little piggy went to market…this little piggy stayed home… Their daddy is half wild boar. He’s not the friendliest animal around here. I stay away from him.
The ducks were originally meant for the freezer but they “somehow” became pets. Time to get the pool ready for them.
It’s nice having helpers get the garden ready for planting.

There is a story behind this peach tree. A few years ago one of our grandchildren threw a peach seed off the back deck. When it started growing we decided to leave it to see what would happen. It’s between 10-12 feet tall now and just look at all those buds! If it produces anything from them I will have an abundance of peaches!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!



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