Hi! I’m Debbie…a wife, mother of 6, grandmother of 7, soon to be 8, and someone who is striving to live the simple life by returning to the basics. This means cooking healthy, from scratch meals for our family and friends, learning to preserve foods, making soaps and lotions, raising animals on our mini-farm, and an assortment of other things.

I grew up in a family that owned restaurants. I “waited” my first table when I was 9 years old. (That should give you a BIG hint that I am “old” because current laws would NOT have allowed that!) While I didn’t carry on the family business, there were definitely values that were instilled in me from a young age. The love of food, love of family and friends, and the desire to bring everyone around a table to enjoy good food and share life experiences.

My personal life experience has been a roller coaster. I went from the restaurant business to seeking success in the corporate world. Although I did attain some measure of success, there was something missing…it took me years to realize that it was the intimacy of relationships that I yearned for.

Going from a financial officer of a multi-million dollar company to a stay at home wife and mom was an adjustment, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything! It was exciting to cook a simple meal for my family and friends and sit around the table laughing and sharing stories about our day.

This website began as a way to share recipes with my kids. It was all about their favorite recipes that they could share with their spouses and loved ones. As I have “matured”, it has become so much more. It has become a way to bring people into relationships with others, whether that is over a delicious meal, or offering advice to those who are starting out on a path to be more self-sufficient.  I hope this website will be a help to you. We have been there, we ARE there, and by God’s grace, we hope to continue.

I hope you will join me on this journey as we seek to live the simple life by returning to the basics.