In the beginning…..

In the beginning…

I love to spend my days in the kitchen. Whether it’s cooking, baking bread, canning, dehydrating, fermenting, making cheese, it’s my comfort zone. What is NOT in my comfort zone is writing! 
Last night, I was sitting at the kitchen table talking with my son who had gotten up in search of food. We were discussing the things I had recently been making when he came up with this idea. “Why don’t you start a blog where you can post all your recipes to share with your friends and family?” 
WHY?? Because I’m not a writer! I’m not a photographer! I’m happy in my comfort zone! But here I am starting a blog… because? I don’t really know why but I hope you will catch a little of my excitement, maybe venture out of your comfort zones to try new and different things, possibly learn a few things and teach me all those things I don’t know!  

Please join me as we discover everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to coq au vin, scrambled eggs to french toast casseroles, homemade lip balm to homemade laundry detergent (the frugal, self-sufficient part of me), kefir to yogurt to all things fermented. 



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