One of the things I enjoy is the smell of laundry that has been hanging on the line. Mmmm….freshness! What I don’t enjoy is paying $11-12 for a box of detergent that I might be able to get 40 loads out of! So, a few years ago I began the search for the perfect recipe for laundry detergent. The first few batches I made were in liquid form. While it worked fairly well, I didn’t like having to do all the melting and blending of the batch. I also didn’t like having to shake the bottle each time I used it, not to mention having several bottles sitting around the laundry room. (My recipe made almost 4 gallons.) Recently, a friend gave me a recipe for her detergent. It couldn’t be more simple! You dump everything into a trash bag, mix it up, put it into your container …done!

Borax (76 oz)
Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (55 oz)
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (64 oz)
OxyClean (56 oz)
Fels Naptha – 3 bars (grated, or you can use the food processor)
As I mentioned, all you need to do is put it into something that you can easily and thoroughly mix it up. A trash bag worked for me. The glass canister is one I used for making pickles. Looks like I will need to go shopping again 🙂
Use 2 tablespoons per wash. This should last a long time!




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